The Prime Hexagon

Thank you for visiting!  This is where I will post information about my explorations of the Prime Hexagon, which I’ve begun to introduce through a video:


The Prime Hexagon is a simple mathematical structure that appears when integers are sequentially added to a field of tessellating equilateral triangles, provided the path of the integers is altered each time a prime number appears.   The most obvious interesting feature of this 24-cell hexagon is it confines all numbers!  That is, as the number line winds about toward infinity, bending around prime numbers, it never exits the 24 cells.

On these pages I document much of my work on the hexagon, including my proof of confinement and attempts to demonstrate much more subtle features of the hexagon and show its deep mathematical significance.

Given the simplicity of the hexagon, one wonders if the ancients may have been aware of it, and that its similarity to religious symbols may not be wholly coincidental.

One last point — my favorite feature of this discovery is its simplicity.  I love that I can share it with anyone and have some certainty they will be able to understand it … and I’ve been so pleased by their own observations and responses.  In that spirit, I appreciate your interest in what I have to offer here.